Friday, August 31, 2012

Bin away

 See how much fun we had

Had a fab time and everything. going here and there visiting peoples related and not. Viewing Kelvingrove museum/gallery and the Hepworth/Moore gallery in Wakefield. How good was that? Very as it happens. We had a fine time.


Shopping; we did a little of that too. The tent we were residing in became waterlogged on account of the excessive wetness. We got another lovely one in a sale. A sale in a shop that is. Shopping is not fun. But the snap I took I like. That's the best bit about shopping in an indoors shopping arena, one can snap away at will - unless the strong arm of the over-zealous security guard gets to you. They didn't. But they could have. I could have been writing this from the dungeons of a department store. Oh, the thought ails me.

This is not the tent

It is so nice to be back though.

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