Wednesday, August 08, 2012

London doesn't like me.

Olympic road race excitement

Tell me, you who have experience of the world, who have travelled, seen, been and done. Tell me why Australians always seem to want to set up a BBQ. Even though rain is threatening, they are by the side of a road and hoard of cyclists are due past [very briefly] ? Eh, Tell me?

As a result of which I got excited. As a result of the imminent arrival of fast cyclists that is. Not as a result of Aussies; do you understand me?

 Still-movie of moments in some time or other

And I end up with these. Still-movies of moments in some time or other. This is something interesting above although I know not what. This is what happens when I leave this delightful island go to London. Near London. Ham actually. Yes, Ham, that's where I went.

I met Muna too. A good friend from Uni and mother of Aara and Layla. You see, London doesn't like me. I get too over-excited. Too over-clickable. Over-clicked the Holga and everything. Now, at home I'm cranky. Crook or something colonial like that.


With Aara. Or is it Layla?

 Is that you Fleur? Is that you?

And Fleur, flower of Ham, mandolinist, maker of films, driver of boat, provider of bed. Sitter on seat - probably. Tweaker of bikes and enthusiasm finder. Did you fed up with my over-excitement? Did you?


Fleur Whitlock said...

Yes.... I think it's me.... What a great week, eh??!!
Nellie is fab!!

Martina said...

"Still-movie of moments in some time or other" is astonishing. Like an Impressionist painting with lots of flowers and buds and stuff.

Mitch said...

Food is a great way of making friends. and a barbe is very healthy