Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Murder in Ham

I'm a wanting to think about considering to learn a musical instrument. I tried the Uke but it didn't agree with me. The fingers kept getting tangled and what have you. And I was humiliated by Dr Michael Hutchinson who started learning up the Uke about the same time as I acquired mine but threw a mean jazz Uke jam when he paid a visit to our lodgings in Ham the other day. I can manage a chord or one at most!

To be honest, I'm not sure why I want to learn up some musical thing. I can't even sing - as evidenced here where I murdered 'Nellie' as Eve sang beautifully. My experience of doing things musical has not been a happy one, but like my dear departed Mater, I feel that now, the prime of my life, is as good as any for trying again with something.

Grenville on the other hand can play a multitude of instruments - guitar, fiddle and accordion [as seen in link above] - the latter instrument which I fondled hopefully in the probable false expectation that it may just be a Sparky to me. I did make it squawk a bit and that encouraged me. The thing even emitted a polka like noise at one time although I wasn't sure that I meant it that way. Still, I must be able to play something so I have been looking to make a small purchase. Of an accordion with hardly any buttons but lots of tunefulness. Eh?

Round Ham way is rather more interesting than I wanted to believe. There's a big river nearby - Thames - with lots of boats, boatyards and a few islands. Some of which have both boats and boatyards on. Eel Pie island is one such place. Claustrophobic but interesting place. Home to Trevor Bayliss - whom we did meet. I took some snaps while I was there. This is one. Nice eh? Could be Hong-Kong or somewhere!

Eel Pie

On tother side, the north side of the land - not the island - are some fine gardens and statues. I snapped them up too. Well worth a visit. You can read about those here.

Orleans statuary

More Orleans statuary. However, those at the front are real people.

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