Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Do we like this?

Been playing around about with the blog. Did you notice?

Thought it was time for a freshen up since I looked at the lovely Susan Revey's blog and thought, I could do that! I did, but somehow it just doesn't look as nice. Maybe I need better words and photos and inspiration. Or something. Maybe it's the music I'm listening too while I write this that's informing how I see it. Maybe it's because I've already been rained upon this morning. Who knows?

 Nothing better than a blurry picture of happy children

 Or a snap of Paddy - the man in a dog-suit.

Or even an image of Bonky as my mother in law is affectionately known by all the family.

Now is a good time to be here on the island. It always is a good time but there's a couple of interesting events coming up. Firstly there's the Harris Mountain Festival and we are off to listen to Doug Scott's big wall exploits. Why not? Then at An Lanntair The Artist formerly known as Jon is taking part in a celebration of John Cage and will be improvising with a radio! Well worth a trip in.

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