Thursday, September 13, 2012

Blue Pig

I've been using the Promicrol again. It's a developer and cheap as chips don't you know. Thought Id try it to see what the pin-hole Fruit-Pastel camera saw when I pointed it at The wonderful Blue Pig Studio over in ... oh, I don't know. Over the west side up a windy lane by the sea. And there's a wall nearby near a white sheep. Near there.

The equally wonderful Jane Harlingon works there, owns the place, does everything in the place that makes it lovely just to be there. I was there. Gate crashed the place while a Art workshop for peoples was taking place. I looked over their shoulders and everything. Saw painting, drawing and lots of laughter. That's the sort of place it is. Since the Fruit-Pastel pin-hole camera had some Fuji Acros inside I pointed it at the peoples. They didn't seem to mind. Not even Jane or Barbara from Oiseval Gallery just up t'road who had swopped her digi-cam for a paint brush.

Now the souping in Promicrol is over - this time 1:14 dilution as per instructions which, I might add I did glance a this time, we have snaps from Blue Pig. Nice eh?

 There they are. Having fun. That's what it looks like.

 A Grouse with fame by the looks of it

 Sticks; with hairs attached.


Knitting at the Blue Pig. As one does.

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