Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Just a wee breeze

I found this neg lurking down the back of the settee today. Dusted it off a bit and threw it into the scanner as it does seem to give an indication of the wee breeze that's sweeping these parts at the moment - albeit without the little dampness that pervades the mainland at the moment. Looks like I must have taken it with the Korrol on account of the odd shaped negs. Actually, looks like I didn't dust it off much now I look at it closely.

And another from the same slither of film I found - shown to you as the Coelynes are away and can't berate me for it!


gz said...

great stuff! you re so lucky to live where you do
xx g&v

Iain said...

The first photo is so wonderfully atmospheric. Redolent of a windy day on the Isles.