Wednesday, September 26, 2012

another day, another snap

It wasn't the best roll of exposed film I've seen. But then I did fall over it as it were when I picked up an old Ricoh 500g that was hanging about the place. It's a natty little camera although the rangefinder patch is rather weak, it is prone to flare, it hadn't been used since I replaced the foam seals and I wasn't sure what film was inside when I shot the last 25 shots on the film that was in there! Apart from that, they are all brilliant. Especially the one with my thumb in the frame and the other with Coelyne's hand. Classic really.


The Hand of Coelyne [plusToots] 

Doing the village shoppe run

 Traigh Mhor

Then I took the little camera for a stroll in the storm behind the big beach and almost got the exposure right, and almost got a nice snap! Souped in LC29.

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gz said...

Well done as always!!

I like the first one as well as Traeth Mawr....