Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The hair had gone!

What happened there then? The man was had short grey hair, a tie and everything. It wasn't the man I was expecting. He looked like a retired school teacher. But then, since he is, one supposes he should look like that. Maybe it was that he was a teacher in the 1970s, long hair and beard. That sort of thing. He knew his stuff all the same. Lovely pictures on Kodachrome and everything. Camping at 5000m held onto the side of a mountain by ropes, no food and no comb either I shouldn't wonder. But Doug Scott it was. He made to 2012 that's all. Like I did.

We were down with Mr Windy at the Harris Mountain Festival. Brilliant! I shall attend something else this week I hope. Thanks all for putting it on. Eh!

I was so Inspired, I couldn't sleep. I dug out these colour snaps from a recent trip to Engerland to help with the global warming/sea level rise/climate change that's enveloping us all. I wasn't driving all the time see. I snook some snaps with the Retinette1a and colour film that has come my way. It wasn't sunny at all - and there were no mountains and there was a window to shoot through. It says a lot about the world we live in. I think.

Tell me you like them. Tell me you hate them. Tell me something! Please.

See, I wasn't driving 

 I was sitting. And snapping.

Oh, and Ms Ook has been busy too.

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gz said...

looks like we've all been busy!!