Monday, October 01, 2012

It was a wee breeze.

The aptly-named Mr Windy rode the tandem with Eve for 88 miles over the Assynt hills the other day on a tandem. Why? Mr Windy had no answer to that when a bright 5 year old asked him.

The weather was a tad breezy, and wet. The next day we prised them out of their seats and walked up a small hill in a breeze. This was they/that.

 I told you it was breezy!

 Three on a hill

Looking down on a path

Further input later on. Once the other film from the Perkeo and the films from the OM1n have gone through the soup.


gz said...


OM1....I'll look forward to those shots....must get my OM1 & 2 out........

Laurie said...

the three on a hill looks like the album cover for the latest Scottish folk group...