Thursday, September 27, 2012

I may have lost it........

My pal William used to work with me. Well, for the same company anyway doing the same sort of thing and this meant carrying a bag of 'bits' / wires / plugs around to the various locations. When he gave up the job, the bag he had went to my colleague Alec who reckoned he fed his sheep for a month on the hay he got out of William's bag!

I was reminded of this after paying lovely visitation to William and Gemma today and since looking at this blog-site where they show people's camera bags like this one for example. My bags for camera portability is nothing like this one at all. It's more like Williams without the hay - mostly. I'm not going to show it to you as I have several bags with cameras lurking within. None of the bags are 'proper' camera bags but rather bags I use for carrying cameras. And film, and glasses bits of this and that, dust, odd things I have forgotten about - and that's why I'm not going t show it to you!

Instead here is a digi-snap taken with a very old half-a-pixel camera we have had for yonks - which cost a fortune at the time and is barely used. The snap depicts two of my gaffer-taped cameras I use from time to time. Proper cameras with film and everything. The one on the right is a Petri7s - which does the job nicely. And the one on the right is a Voigtlander Perkeo - which is a lovely little thing. But snuggle in a bag - but separate bags at the moment as they are prone to fight!

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