Monday, November 19, 2012


 Mr Windy

Toots Wilson

Yep it's raining. Rained all last night and looks like it's going to rain all day.

Bin out collecting papers, bread milk etc for the village shoppe this morning - windscreen wipers on overtime - and now picture making calls. Cartridge paper has already been coated with a new cyanotype mix since I gave the last lot to Lucrecia. Since you ask, Lucrecia is not her real name but she has been known to me as that for years now as she fits the name perfectly - and not Flynn as she was christened.

As I write I have another oil-print exposing. What a phaff that's turning out to be. A disaster as big as my gum prints - which don't work for me either. But I keep trying. This time I did three coats of gelatin on the paper and one of Pot. Dichromate.  Later, when I have washed it, dried it and wetted it again the oil-based ink will be applied. There might even be an image at the end of it. Wonders never cease!

In the meantime, I'm wondering if Toots had a rough ferry crossing this morning as there is a bit of a blow - force 8-9 they say. He's off down to wettish Cumbria for a few days leaving his new wife to mind the gaff. 

I posted the snap of Mr Windy as I like it. And it might encourage him to re-start posting on Windy Wandering Blog.

Another blog I see from time to time even gave this blog a mention :-) Try unknown photos blog for yourself.


gz said...

See, people DO look at your blog...and like what they see!

John said...

Well, if I had known you were going to visit I would have Hoovered around a bit and maybe bought a packet of those internet cookies. It's always a pleasure to see and read what you're up to.