Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Toots; in the pink

You see, I did get the cyanotype done. On good old cartridge paper and toned in wine tannin. I almost like it.
The neg is a 5x7 Shanghai 100 taken with the FKD 'camera' that's held together with elastic bands and the like. It works though - even with no shutter. Luckily, Toots is away at the moment so can't see I have used this old image. Pre-marriage and all that.

The oil-print was less successful - particularly the one I had cooking yesterday. It cooked under UV light well enough but I became impatient and soaked the print - as one has to do - in water that was too warm. The gelatin melted and fell off! Perhaps an idea for an emulsion lift someday. If only.

The sun is shinig bright this morning so a stroll on the beach is on the menu.

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