Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Dogs Eh?

An island track.

I did like dogs. A bit anyway. I came round to them when my pal Victor asked Eve & I to look after  Rocky and Frank for a few months while he was away in the Antipodes. We did and really quite enjoyed the experience.

Then there's Ghriet whom I walk at least once a week. A south African speaking collie of this parish who is bonkers but she likes me. A barking dog as it happens. And of course we should not forget Zig, owner of Roy who I see at least once a week over coffee. Like you do. Zig likes me too I believe.

But I am going off them

The other day Mrs 'Up Yours' lost 6 of her chickens to a slavering beast from the village and only saved the rest it seems because of a brave James [my hero] who went out with a golf-club and frightened the dog away. Now, MiLud I have have been bitten by this same slavering beasts brother who came at me like something out of a horror film, fangs flying. Took a piece out of the knee of my jeans [but missed my leg] before trying to sink its teeth into my 'upper-leg' where I now have four tooth-shaped and sore bruises  Luckily the skin had not been pierced [I had it checked at hospital] but I feel rather shaken up I can tell you. And I've gone off dogs. Slavering beasts of dogs like these Staff-cross things anyway.

I shall be walking another way around the village in future. Having said that, I notice that a beast with flippers came up behind me the other day when I was taking a portrait of a road!


gz said...

Vic says just put a pepperpot in your pocket!

Staff-cross dogs can't be trusted

Iain said...

Sadly, as GZ says, Staffy crossy thingies are difficult and you must be wary. Lucky you're not punctured though.