Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Sustaining or not

Floods eh? Major floods every other year? Normal? Me thinks not. Me thinks it is merely a further indication that Climate Change is well and truly moving – aided magnificently by the human race.

It’s not just the floods either – think ice-cap melt, think drought in other areas and the like. Change everywhere at what seems to be unprecedented rates. Of course, if the Gaia theory is correct – and I suspect it has a great deal of credence – then the biosphere will [eventually] correct itself. Only don’t expect that to happen any time soon – and don’t expect if to remain inhabitable by the human race whilst it sorts itself out. [Gosh, I sound like a preacher here – apologies].

We can only blame ourselves for this situation – we have modified the world to such an extent that we are too over-crowded and too intent on using up a great deal of our resources with the entropic effect and the accompanying degradation of our biosphere. This will, no doubt I think lead to increased shortages of food and fresh water – with the obvious increases in prices and availability. [although no doubt some will prosper further enhancing the gulf between have's and have-nots. Further enhancing the possibility of unrest etc]

To my mind, this is exacerbated by the system of trading we have adopted which by its very nature is resource consuming and ultimately unsustainable in the long term. What I am referring to is Consumer Capitalism and its sustainability – at least in its current form. I mean, a system based on gambling?? Nonsense!

Excuse me for the rant. It annoys me, worries me and I could go on. But we [including me] are all hooked on consuming - buying, owning things merely for strategic display, travelling at will wherever - all which doesn't exactly help those who come after us. Our descendants.

There I have said it. badly probably but I have said it all the same and I might say it again - but better.

I shall top it all by posting a print I made yesterday of William - on Adox MCC paper taken with a knackered and now retired Kiev60 and HP5 at his lovely home in Cromor.

Just William

PS> There is so much on the interweb about this subject I shan't link. I'm sure you can find it.


gz said...

well said.

Anonymous said...

I agree whole heartedly!


CarlRadford said...

A great portrait - love the light.