Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Mischief behind doors

Well, they were Belgians weren't they?

The man who accused the islanders of 'mischief behind closed doors' that is. He's probably right mind you but, a Belgian?

Yep, I Love Sarah apparently. I don't actually, I love Eve. But that's another thing entirely.

Then there were the Scottish dancers. Not Highland fling sort of thing more a Highland Fling sort of thing. With added Clachan Bar. [you'll have to follow the links to get my gist]. Excellent - although my tinnitus is playing up a bit today. Look, there's a trailer for the show here - you'll see what I mean. Yes, yes, go and look now. Remided me of an evening in the Lewis Bar some years ago.

Toots, the retiree

This followed a wet day on the beach with recent retiree Toots Wilson who, enjoying his new found freedom was snapping here and there on the beach with me to keep him company. I took the plastic fantastic 50p camera I have but after seeing the wonderful textures in the piles of storm-feed sea-weed on the beach, I shot home for the Hasselblad for another go. The films are sloshing about in chemicals as I write. I did develop the plastic cam film last night tho. See, that's Toots, the retiree above.

Sammi the seal was keen to join celebrating Toot's freedom by bringing seven of his mates along and followed us along the beach. Many thanks Sammi, Mr Toots enjoyed you being there.

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