Monday, November 05, 2012

Marbles, lens' and all that

Just in case you thought I've lost it, here's a snap taken today showing that I have little to lose :-)
The old FKD large format 'camera' complete with elastic bands and kindling wood to keep the thing from falling apart came out the box. Testing was done with some out of date resin photo paper whilst the lens - was put together with 3 close up lens I found lurking about the place. Not sure what strength they are but in total probably about +6 - if that means anything to you. Works tho - whatever it means.

I know I don't look seductive. Without marbles,  hardly animated in fact. But I am alive and well since you ask!


Iain said...

Glad to hear it. I was just about to ask!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your posting. I follow from that land mass across the Atlantic and appreciate your photography and written thought. It somehow brings one back to sanity.