Sunday, November 25, 2012

William; and Gemma

Woodlands Cafe

Twas lovely today. I know the mainland is taking a battering rain-wise but here it's been lovely. I mean, the sun shone and not even a breeze to ruffle the feathers. I don't have feathers as it happens but you get the idea.

Eve took off on her bike for a ride down towards Cromor today and I followed a little later in the horseless carriage  Have a look here and here, you can see the sort of place Cromor is. Oh, you could look here too - I been to Cromor before you see. In fact, look there first. If you have already looked at the other links you'll just have to unlook them.

William and Gemma live in Cromor. I don't know why. Perhaps they like it there - I do, Eve does too. We wish we lived there in fact but we don't, so we visit. Drink tea, eat stuff and talk. William likes to talk too.

We took a stroll along the little road to the nearby isle of whatever it's called but I can't remember. You know, the one that used to be owned by Charlie Barley [do check out the history of Charlie Barley on this site; it is very interesting] but now is owned by someone I can't tell you about. That one. Ben, William's doggie, finished with coughing up his lunch and ran his little legs off chasing rabbits. He didn't catch any. He never does I'm told - which I found surprising since one rabbit ran between Ben's legs at one point.

We had a lovely day and everything. :-)

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