Saturday, November 24, 2012


Paxette blur

I tentatively await a call from my sister in Somerset as she builds a fortress to keep the flood water at bay and out of the house. It's already been in twice this year! Despite rain  we are very lucky here that in the main it all runs off into the sea quite quickly. The rivers and streams can run wild though .

Actually the sun shone today - once it dawned. The night was especially long as I just couldn't sleep. Tired, Eve and I went for a coffee morning over at the Oiseval Gallery with the Coelynes. That soon got me into the groove, brought a smile and set me up for the day. Then it was off for a wee stroll in the castle grounds, a warm Mocha in The Woodlands cafe where we met Mr & Mrs Grass and their son Dan - who was asleep again. Seems like the holiday in Turkey fair wore him out! Mr Grass showed me his new-to-him Ziess 6x6 which looked rather tasty - and it had film in it. Mmm, I wonder if Toots has a film camera with him o'er on t'mainland??

The it was off to Mr & Mrs Windy to deliver another 6x6 camera - a Bronica of Mrs Coelyne's that Mr Windy covets. Not sure Mrs Windy was quite so keen - but we drank their tea, chatted about this and that but NOT the camera.

What a lovely day and lovely friends we have here :-)


gz said...


gz said...

Hope Mr. Windy has fun with the new camera.

No rain here at the moment, it loomed Friday evening but luckily passed us by.