Wednesday, November 21, 2012


It's the wine that does it. Well, wine tannin anyway. Turns the blue of the cyanotype print to this 'orrible purple shade. Not sure I like it really but it's an addiction of mine - throw the print in some 'stuff' or other to change its colour from the original. Tea is best but this is cheaper. This old Neg was on Shanghai 5x7 made with several close-up lens' taped together in the FKD.

I do similar with silver gelatin prints - dunking them in sepia or tea.

The weather has closed in rather. Wind and rain is here and meant to be getting worse over the next few hours. I've tied things down outside so one doesn't have to chase them round the island.

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gz said...


Hope you don't lose things in the wind.

At least you don't have burping volcanoes there!!!