Friday, November 23, 2012

You know, I have a couple of personages in mind I'd like to point a proper camera at - one with film and everything. Not sure why but Kate Rusby comes to mind. Maybe it's because I'm a listening to her at the mo as I write. What a voice - what a lovely image I could perhaps make!

Another whom I'd like to have a 'go at' is the wonderful Tim Andrews who has loads of photographisers snapping at him over the years - ever since he started with Parkinsons. A great series of images can be seen on his blog here. Well worth a few moments of your time I can tell you,

Meanwhile, I re-discovered an old camera lurking on the mantle-shelf in the warming room. A lovely little thing but with heavily scratched lens. It looked at me nicely and I do believe it actually winked at me. So I took him out and finished the hugely out of date film within. The Cafe in town was there and so was Mr Windy. I snapped.
Development was guesswork - a slosh of this or maybe that for as long as dozed in front of the fire - and I love the 'alternative results.

 Mr Windy

Cafe talk

Postscript; It seem the culprit dog from yesterday's massacre has been caught and awaits his fate - whatever that will be.

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