Saturday, November 03, 2012


"Have you just been doing the Zombie thing? " I was asked somewhat surprisingly this lunchtime on leaving An Lanntair. My hair was a little out of place granted. My jeans a tad old and my eye-liner not as well applied as it might be but, a Zombie? Eh? Did I look tired, half-alive or something?

There was a plethora of Bodach around the place on account of the fine film about the fishing boat Providence we'd just been gazing at. Maybe it was the contrast between myself and them. Or maybe it was because there had been a Zombie flash mob outside just before. Something like this perhaps.

I smiled sweetly. As sweetly as I could anyway. As sweetly as I could without baring my fangs and sinking them into her neck that is.

 The Boys in An Lanntair

I do have friends you know. Some of them still talk to me too.I think these two do.

And another, Mrs Toots who married this year and with whom I, Eve and the Coelynes will be doing dining out with to celebrate Toots' retirement. Toots is coming too. How good is that?

Very good.

I am so pleased that Mick & Bee of the good ship Hannah came through Hurricane Sandy safe and well. We were thinking about you bobbing about over there.

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