Sunday, November 04, 2012

Around the place


Alison is now in France. No idea where but we think she is enjoying herself before flitting off to NZ for Christmas where Vic and Gwyneth already are. Cyclists get about a bit. She was here a few weeks back on a whistle stop visit from t'mainland. She used to be Mr Brailsford's PA at the Manchester Velodrome [where I was coach taking opportunities to take snaps of people like Graeme Obree ] till a few weeks back - then she was saved :-)

The sea is still here looking cold and steely. The clouds are here too but we have no snow. It's on the mainland mountains; I can see from here some 40 miles away.

Textures on the snaps come from the commercially developed film! I rather like it; you know, some people add this to their pics to give them more authenticity!

Last of the colour for a while! Yep, it's Rodel harbour.

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