Saturday, December 22, 2012

fuji 690

There we are, a fine portrait of Mr Coelyne in his usual 'taking snaps of him' pose - hiding behind whatever comes to hand - or disappearing out of the room as soon as a camera shows its face. Mrs Coelyne doesn't mind at all - as you can see here, laughing at one of my more witty remarks no doubt. Or it could have been Toot's or Mrs Toots witty remark. I suspect it was me, but then I would. Even though Barbara is not looking at me. At all. But never mind.

We wus over on the west side today - visiting the lovely Coelynes at the Oiseval gallery in Brue - somewhere west of Barvas but not quite in the Atlantic. Although it did feel like we were bobbing about on the high seas such was the lashing of the rains against the windows. And still does lash on the windows as I write here at home sat in front of t'fire - with the realisation lurking that I have to go to work later and wrestle some urchin to the ground - or whatever it is I 'do'. I don't do any of that actually but tell everyone I do do that so they think I'm rather wonderful - which of course I am although it's not easily realised [apparently].

Anyway, we eated their cakes, drunked their coffee [They being the Coelynes] and talked the talk. As I do. A lot. The rain still lashed down as Mr Coelyne produced this rather lovely camera for me to borrow. Eh? A proper camera and everything - without added blur so it seems. [As Mr Coelyne rightfully suggested, I can add the blur in the darkroom - should these negs ever get that far]. It's like a Leica for grown-ups. Eat your heart out Daniel 'Grass' [he who hates any camera that is not a Leica, son of Mr Grass the nice Leica owner man].

Ruth and Dan 'grass'.

We came home eventually - things to do, sleep to sleep and work to do - really, I do have to fight my way through a storm to see someone or other. I've had a good look at the camera and have decided I might take a snap in the morrow.

Mr Coelyne really is most kind loaning me this gem of a beast. Film and all. I feel obliged to post a snap of 'im that dear Eve snook the other day on the fly with my film camera.  Eh?

Happy Christmas The Coelynes. and everyone else too.

Sorry, I think I may have over-done the festive good greetings. Hope you are not feeling somewhat over-greeted or something.Try a glass of the amber stuff. That usually helps.

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