Thursday, December 20, 2012

Sabi of the wabi waxed, toned lith print

Sabi of the wabi waxed, toned lith print

See, I did go into t'darkroom yesterday. Totally frustrating time I had too. I'm not sure the wonderful Andrew Sanderson would be very impressed. Or Bruce Robbins and countless others. Thank goodness for wabi & sabi I say. I should be thanking Mr Globe for that little gem of wisdom and way of seeing. Anyway, happy festive season to all these personages and everyone else too. May it bring you whatever it is you seek.

I threw some old Agfa Portriga under the enlarger then into Rollei Creative Lith Developer [Hmm, I sound like I know what I'm doing here. I don't I might add]. The result was rather uneven and dull. I mean DULL. Grey sort of dull - even though I poured some old lith developer into the mix - as you must do. Apparently. 

My usual method to overcome a dodgy print is to bleach it back and then throw it into sepia. That's what I did. Eh? Nice innit. Real sabi stuff and everything. Fair lifts the cockles of me heart - and they needed lifting after yesterday, trust me.

I shall be going to see The Crofter this morning - wending my weary way down t'road to see what he's up to. With a proper camera this time too.

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