Friday, December 28, 2012

I'm thinking of considering the option of looking in the darkroom

Oh dear. Have you looked out the window? The oblong one that is. It's still night out there windy and wet too - despite it being after 10am. Am rather pleased not to be on ferry which is battering its way across The Minch as I write -  for the last time for a day or two as 80mph gusts are forecast.

Not sure The Barking Dog is going to get her walkies today if I'm honest. I may have to just poke my head into the darkroom, and if the place is not flooded, I might even make a print or two. And I might sell them too. Cheaply. Very cheaply. Of course no-one will want to buy one but I can pretend  Wrap them up in a proper envelope thing and send it off to some unlucky soul. Not this snap though. That's Mr Toots Wilson looking pleased with himself the other day as I pointed my Kiev rangefinder at him and exposed some film. He probably isn't feeling so happy at the moment since he was meant to be back on the ferry any day now!

Hope Mick & Bee are ok bobbing around in their boat somewhere north of somewhere else!

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mbt said...

Thank you, snapper extraordinaire, for your kind comments. We are indeed safe and holed up for a week or so with blue skies and a tad chilly wind. Not so the lovely islands you live on it seems, as yet another front makes its way rapidly toward you...stay safe