Friday, December 28, 2012

Excuse me while I finish eating the mince pie [and secreting-away the evidence]

I deserved the mince pie. Probably not the one before though but now its too late. They have both gone.

I mean, I braved the storm, took The Barking Dog out for a stroll and wallowed around in the surprisingly dry darkroom producing an ever growing pile of duds. And one or two half-decent prints. Like this one: I found the neg down the back of the settee and thought I'd put it on paper - 8x10 size. It's on Ilford RC satin since you ask. And it is, I might add the last print sale of the year [and the first as it happens]on sale here.

The first erb to offer me more than £2 + £1.50p&p can have it.

No it's not here. It in Saddleworth - between Mossley and Uppermill I seem to remember  - on t'canal-side. I was just passing one day. To be honest, I passed this quite a few days. It could be here really. Only the fern fronds would be real not wooden carvings. Still, there you have it, proof positive I didn't just fall asleep this afters while the storm started to pick up to a mild rage.


Rhoda said...

I love your pics. Can I buy it? But pay a bit more for postage and have it send to NZ? We're i'm flying to on Monday. I'll cover handstands while i'm there!

John said...

Since you are now becoming a famous photo artist and selling your images, how much would a copy of one of your Island Crofter pictures cost me, including p&p? Image number 7 from post 311 (11/11/2012). Signed, of course, preferably by yourself. I might be able to offer up to £5, but it has been an expensive time of year, so don't push your luck! Happy New Year to you all up in the Aisles of John Lewis.

Andrea Ingram said...

Right that's it. Knew it was a mistake to offer a snap for sale. Now I have to look through the piles of negs down the back of the settee cushions to find that one John. When I find it - or one like it I shall print it up and you shall have it.

Meanwhile, it seems the lovelee Rhoda will have this one - since I can't wait to hear about handstands!

Michael said...

I was hoping you would do a print sale! I could just about pick any of your wonderful images, but if you're of a mind to let me select I'd love a print of "Another thin masterpiece" from 14/12/12. If that's a possibility let me know how much all in to the big smoke of Glasgow & I'll let you know my details. Alternatively, how much for the settee! Best wishes to you both for the New Year.