Saturday, December 29, 2012

Oh please, that wasn't the game I was playing.


Flattered is not the word for it; flabbergasted-up is. 

Look, the game was this; I produce a printy thing of dubious quality with an image you may or may not recognise and then someone buys it - for a slightly less than exorbitant fee. I've heard of people doing that and it works. I wasn't offering a print of any image on my blogettes or something!!!! I mean, if I could possibly find the neg in the folds of the settee or, in the unlikely event that it may have found its way into a neg-sleeve and being able to find it without sending myself into the depths of despair, I would print/try to print the snap. As it happens the two lovelee potential purchasing personages may and I emphasis the MAY here, may just get an image in the post. Possibly.

I will have two [or possibly more ] lovelee framed printy things in the An Lanntair local 'artistes' exhibition next year and they will be for sale. Nice too - all lithy things and everything. But, and here's the rub for cheapskates like myself, the cost of these maybe more than £20 + a bartering element yet to be decided. Or, 55 guineas. Framed by the ever-wonderful [but currently a temporary monoped] Coelyne of the Coelynes at Oiseval Gallery in Brue - to whom I owe the framing costs!

Stella and Jake.

Look, here the settee/neg-storage facility. EH? Now, you understand the issue? [apologies- pixels].

And no you cannot buy the settee. What's going on? It was secondhand when we got it - actually, now I think of it the thing may be third or fourth hand. I shall await confirmation from its previous owner currently vacating in NZ. And besides, its long enough to sleep on should Lord Wiesmier throw me out of bed or someone comes to sleep overnight unexpectedly  Or sometimes even if I know they are coming. That's the sort of person I am and the size of house we live in.

And I like the settee. I do have neg storage sleeves - a few anyway- and books of neg storage sleeves but they are such a pain to fill and organise. No, actually I don't organise!

Anyway, if you see a neg in this lot you like [see settee above], I shall probably pretend I didn't hear.

On the other hand, buoyed by the success of first online print-sale, I may do it again. Soonish.

Tapadh leibh

PS. Snaps from Boxing Day


gz said...

The settee was secondhand to its previous owner, so he informs me....

Keep it've spurred me on to sell the small quilt I'm hand sewing, on my blog!

Blwyddyn Newydd Dda!!....hope you didn't lose too much in the winds.

We're all wet here, just seeing off the tail end of cyclone Evan (that flattened Samoa and Fiji), now Freda is doing her damdest with the Solomon Islands......

Andrew Sanderson said...

Ha ha! your negative storage facility is quite something! You do make me laugh Andrea. Happy new year to you and I hope you are doing well.