Thursday, December 13, 2012

Out to play with Toots

Yes, yes, it's a snap of a sign. Took it with the Kowa 6MM /HP5 this afters then over-developed the thing in LC29 just for good measure. Thought I'd make up for the 35mm polypan-f film I'd under-developed earlier in Rodinal. Mr Toots Wilson was lurking just to the right twiddling his Mamiya c3 and wondering why the horizon wouldn't go straight. I advised him to not bother with including the sky bit then you don't have to worry about being straight - when everything looks back to front! Eh? Toots took a picture of a rock soon after :-)

That white stuff is frostiness. Lochens were frozen all over the shop and the roads too in places. Had a fine time taking the snaps, cajolling Mr Toots into pressing the shutter, drinking tea at the cafe down t'road on Gt Bernera [open on Sundays :-) ] and enjoying the clear if cold air.

Oh, the fun we had.

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