Friday, December 14, 2012

Thin and thick


This is what happens when you are tired, not feeling so well and are too impatient to wait to develop the film you have shot in lovely frostee conditions in a lovelee place - Great Bernera. See, I sloshed the roll of polypan-f in some Rodinal 1:30 for a while but, didn't take account of the nippy weather out there in the dark/coldroom. As a result it's a all a bit thin as it were. Masterpieces they were too, all of them. I might have to show them lith paper next week [since I do have a batch of developer just awaiting to be mixed up - and some nice out of date paper]. In the meantime I have messed them around a bit on the pooter just so I can see them and everything.


 Not content with that, I then sloshed some HP5 from the Kowa in some LC29 1:20 - allowing for the cold weather but, over-did it. All over-developed. I might have to show them the bin I think. Scans sort of interesting though with lots of compressed and odd tones. I suppose I could try some Farmers Reducer but by the look of the negs I'll need the whole of the NFU to do the trick!

 Another thin masterpiece 

I mean, look at that! Lovelee and everything - apart from the development and the composition of course, and the venue - but apart from that....

Yet another thin neg

Well, blow me down with a feather, take me to the foot of our stairs and all. I like these snaps. I must try the Lith thingy - it works well with thin negs. See if I can rescue something. At this rate Toots Wilson will have all the masterpieces from this trip - taken with a camera he has hardly used with only the occasional glance at my lightmeter and a total disregard for tilting horizons. Eh? Can't imagine what he's going to say at the Lewis Photographica [continuing] coffee gathering in the morn. Oh, perhaps I can :-(

Be nice if I can get the thin negs to lith like this mock-up!

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like that over-cooked one the best!1001