Sunday, February 03, 2013

I learnt something..

See that? That's a wall in Stornoway. Not any old wall mind you. 

I was recently out in Stornoway with Mr Toots Wilson, ex-something planning in the council before he retired. Knows a thing or two about buildings and passed a little of his vast knowledge to me on this day. This wall is not any old wall, it bounds one side of Barvas House - I think it's called that. May have heard it wrong but it is a house, that's definite. The wall was made in four parts - obvious because of the lines one can see where the shuttering was. The stones within were from a beach and, apparently, twas one of the first concrete things on the island - or something like that anyway. They love concrete up here. It's everywhere - even poured concrete house ornamentation. Eh? And bus shelters. Bus shelters made of concrete that will still be there long after humans have all left this planet one way or another.

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