Monday, February 04, 2013

No, I didn't drink

Actually I did. Coffee to start with - with my cornflakes and soya milk then a green tea chaser. Maybe it all went to my elbows and my old Mum used to say. Looks like it anyway. I was trying for ART. You know, things you hang on the wall and look at - more than once.

Eve & I went to the Modern Art Gallery in Edinburgh once. Just the once though the cafe was excellent. All fresh, raw salads and things, fair-trade water and a view. Inside the gallery was a sheeps in smelly stuff to preserve it. Poor thing, what had it done to deserve that. Upset Damien Hirst obviously.

I loved Sir Eduardo Paoliozzi's studio that is situated in one of the buildings. I could play in that for ages. I need a studio here in the village really. Just a small one - with a view.

BTW; Just so you understand, these are NOT landscapes, they are portraits of places. Now you know!

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gz said...

"portraits of places" have the description 'in one' as it is said...or in Bristol fashion, 'on the nail' !!

very good portraits too. Looking forward to seeing the view for real.