Tuesday, February 05, 2013

You didn't think I'd resist did you?

I can hardly ever resist taking a portrait of this place - it lies just down the road a few moments stroll from where I sit tapping out this. Nice isn't it eh? Apart from over Skye way I can't recall a place like it. [ Just in case you look at the link, it is, I know a tad bigger on Skye - and of different rock etc - so Eve tells me . Typical; make one obvious link and you get ten reasons why it's different. It really doesn't matter. Trust me].

Obviously, I've hardly been anywhere so it doesn't count for much.

The Hasselblad was with me - but no tripod so I hand-held it and used a bigger aperture than one might on such an occasion  A bigger aperture than Toots would have used anyway. He's Mr f64 if only he had an aperture that small on his beloved Isolette.

I don't know why I bother. Honestly!

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