Thursday, March 28, 2013

Eh? I hate to tell you this, but the sun is shining - again!

Look, this is the venerable Toots Wilson venturing out on his beach [the one in front of his house that is] with camera and everything. The sun is shining and it's warm - ish. Warmer than it has been anyway. When I moseyed up to the moor fire over at the road to nowhere earlier on - it was really warm - even though I was nowhere near the fire. I undid my top layer of coat. After I had walked a bit - obviously. Ghriet the doggie loved it.

Despite pointing the camera and the new lens at everything properly I messed up the development. Must change the sheep-dip or something since it [polypan-f] was very thin and covered in sheeps hair. Or so it looks anyway.

I shall try again today - loaded this time with Rollei400s.

Please note; the Western Isles is a wonderful place to live and visit, it has been the warmest and driest place in the UK this year but, it can be wet and cold. Horizontal rain that gets in every nook and cranny, wind that blows for days on end and ferries get cancelled. 'Things' shut on Sundays - except the churches - and then the roads are busy with lots of 'Sunday Drivers'.

But it is brilliant. Do NOT all come here. Please.


gz said...

The Pirate said does that mean that The Pirate and gz are not welcome either??

Andrea Ingram said...

Everyone is welcome :-)

Laurie said...

put the kettle on!! :D