Wednesday, March 13, 2013

1+1=19. Possibly.

I was listening to some esteemed programme on the radio whilst out wrestling miscreants to the ground this evening - specifically the relationship between mathematics and music. Some years ago I sat through a concert at the Bath Festival listening to Messian's Quartet for the end of time. It certainly felt like the end of time ! Apparently the musics' structure incorporates two prime numbers [I know not what I say, I'm just repeating what I heard]. The same Festival I listened to a tremendous Vox Balaenea by George Crumb where at the same concert, sat on hard church seats I dozed through some 'erb telling me about his plinky-plonky prepared piano piece of 'music' based on some mathematical formula. I only awoke when it sounded like the place had been bombed - to find the 'erb smiling in that self-satisfied way that is so very annoying.

Thrilled that my way of seeing had been recognised at last I have decided to present to you my latest creation based, as you might imagine on a complicated formula, so intense that I for one have not figured out yet. But, trust me, when I do you will be the first to know. Don't wait up though since Maths was never my strong point.

It is a darkroom print though. A lith print on Russian Slavich paper which brings a gravitas and uniqueness all of it's own. If I'm not mistaken, it may be a snap from the Retinette1a camera on polypan-f film taken in An Lanntair.

Yes, it's obvious, why did I not see that before ? Eh?

Do we like it?


Keith said...

Yes - don't let up, you're on a roll!


Gerda Lelieveld said...

Yes yes i love it!