Tuesday, March 12, 2013

I seem to be getting more than my fair share of exposure these days. I thought it felt chilly.

For some reason the good rabbits of the duck-type at Duck-Rabbit [don't ask] felt they would like to give this blog a mensch on their blog celebrating International Women's day. I'm flattered. And probably just about to blush or something. I think I can still blush. If I try - perhaps a sniff of sepia-juice might help!

Anyway, since the weather is still lovely - sun and what have you, I have been taking the air don't you know. Strolling round the village with my head held high but looking out the corner of my eye in case I see something to snap. Nothing much has changed. This bus shelter is still where it was before. No doubt if Jonathan Meades had ventured up the village he would wax lyrical about the thing, words falling out his loquacious mush faster than a flock of Hebrideans sheeps after a shaken plastic bag of feed. But to me, it just sits there.

The jolly old stroll took me up past Timbukthree Mansions where I espied John A passing the time of day with a fellow crofter. "Hello" I said, for that is the sort of wordy greeting I favour on days like this. We blethered a bit and I walked on only to meet Barry and his doggie Boycey [to be totally honest, it may not be Boycey. I really should remember as Barry's son told me it's name too. I like Boycey as a name for a doggie this big anyway. Sort of suits him].

Boycey is a Great Dane I think. The sort whose slobber is worse than it's look. Boycey is the one without the beard BTW.

On the photo front as you can see I snapped some snaps - as I do. This lot on Polypan-f which I developed in Rodinal 1:75 - all night as I retired to bed before washing the stuff out and fixing it. Didn't seem to do it much harm. I celebrated that today with a darkroom sesh playing with Lith. I might show you that another day.

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The Barefoot Crofter said...

Just catching up with your posts - some great stuff, as usual. I missed my name check so thank you for that. What a lovely post that man has written about your blog - all true! Hope you are well - it's snowed here in the night. x