Thursday, March 07, 2013

It feels like this today. Probably. It certainly is as cold anyway.

Are you feeling it?
I mean, look at the snap with your eyes partially closed. Open the windows wide and take your clothes off. Now do you feel it?
Right, that's enough, get dressed again before I get arrested for inciting a nude-in.

Stornoway was cold today. Eve and I just managed a quick shifty round the place before retiring to Mr Windy's to celebrate his day of birth. Lovely.

Now this snap, since I know you'll be thinking what a load of tosh it is, is meant to be like this. I envisioned it though I hadn't realised it at the time. Now it has appeared, I realise my mistake.

Do you like it? It's lith btw. From a section of a 35mm polypan-f neg. Eh?
Don't ask.


Keith said...

Great image, which camera?

Like to see more in the same vein


Dorothy Ross MacIver said...

I like it!

Andrea Ingram said...

Keith. Retinette 1a!

gz said...

shows us how cold it is there...glad we are here for now!!