Friday, March 08, 2013

With full apologies for those of you who come here looking for 'gentle madness'.

Eat your heart out John Rankin Waddell! You may have been on Desert Island Discs this morning, amassed a fortune taking nice snaps, be well known, have a nice range in books etc etc, but you didn't take this snap did you? Eh?

Of course I realise you may not want to take this snap. But trust me, if you are reading this Rankin me fellow, this is Art - apparently. You can tell it's art because it isn't like the rest of the snaps you see, it not immediately obvious what or where it is and, and take special note of this, it has a touch of the Sabi of Wabi about it. There. I've said it!

Perhaps I might even warm up the Raeburn and do a Pre-Brazilian on it.

Special code for those IN THE KNOW :-) Lith print on Slavich Unibrom / Polypan-f/ Rodinal/ Retinette 1a.


gz said...

love it!!

Keith said...

Love to know how that one was taken!