Saturday, March 23, 2013

Please don't tell The Coelynes

The Stones at Callanais were calling. Or to be more precise  it wasn't the aura of the stones but the aroma of the cakes in the cafe. All the same I agreed [reluctantly] to spend some time soaking up the vibes of the stones before taking the sustenance available therein nearby that is. It's not a place I usually go to on account of the bus load of tourists that rock up here just as you commune with the gods - and the ribbing I get when the Coelynes find out . Mr Windy and Deanne decided we had to go so we did and it was bitterly cold enough to keep not only tourists away but midges and the like too.

I seem to recall the cold wind was howling too that day . Eve certainly seems less than keen to embrace the air of the day. Or maybe she was just 'listening' to the stone.

Mr Windy seemed to be enjoying himself - although I can't imagine how with his electronic imaging device he was playing with. Maybe it was the head-scarf!

But Deanne managed to stay cool despite the weather and the cakes and tea were very fine afterwards.

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Ian said...

It was my bifday - you go where I want to go- ok!