Sunday, March 24, 2013

No sooner do I post this pic and someone wants it!

This is just ridicidoodlous. No sooner had I posted the above pic on some social network than some erb asked to buy it. Luckily they have not got a donkey or a mule otherwise I would have had to sell it. Ha! Sorted them out quick.

See, they are only snaps from the home made pinhole camera. shot, developed and so far just scanned after a rather wind-blown strollatery over Bernera way. Found this lovely little placette Circebost Pier. Got the pinhole camera out, stuck it in front of 'things' and there you have it! Despite the cold and everything.

Nicely 'done' on fp4 in Promicrol.

Excuse me while I finish my negotiations of the social network site.

1 comment:

gz said...

At last!!!

You make marvellous images and must realize that your work is appreciated by many...and if they wish to place readies in your paw, do not complain!!

Off to finish my small quilt and sell it as The Pirate has been saying the same to me!!