Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Sir Chris Hoy would be proud

The local yoof were out and about during the recent school holidays. Enjoying the sun and calm weather we seem to have had an abundance of recently. All kitted up with helmets - as they should too. I remember Jason Queally used to tell a story about how he fell off his bike just pedalling quietly in Aussie somewhere. He hit his head but the helmet broke the fall, saved his head if not the helmet. So it's great to see the yoof learning early. Sir Chris Hoy would be proud. BTW: Chris got married in what he tells me is Hebridean tartan. Eh? How good is that? Very, since you ask. [Now there's a great marketing opportunity - for anyone that could afford him].

Tolsta Yoof massive

I'm not holding my breath on the council recognising the benefits of cycling on the island though. If they were sheeps we'd be sorted! Imagine more bikes than cars in Stornoway! Can you? Healthier peoples as a result. Less pollution, slower and cheaper life, time to see the world as it is. 

Those old bits of road you see alongside the newly laid tarmac 'main-roads' would make great cycle paths. More cycle tourists on the islands would bring more business to the place. Cyclists need somewhere to stay, need something to eat and somewhere to mend their bike if it breaks down. Just imagine.

A perfect place for cycling

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