Saturday, May 18, 2013

Every camera has their moment

The End;  with my Voigtlander Bessa 6x9 RF. 

I have a 'friend'. Just the one - other than Eve. And this 'friend' is going to Italy next week. Only she can't decide what camera of the many she has upstairs in the spare room to take. A 35mm is definite - maybe the Minolta505si an account of her ailing abilities to focus manual cameras. And a Zorki 4 so as to look 'cool' or something like that. Especially useful when posing on a mountain of the Giro D'Italia she is going to see. But my 'friend' is somewhat at odds with what medium format camera to take - bearing in minds she took too much gear to Cuba a while back and got really up-fed with carrying it all around.

She has a Hassie with 50mm lens - but it's it bulky and it's not so easy focussing this wide angle lens. And also a Kowa6 - but that's heavy and a bit fragile these days. So perhaps she should take the Agfa Record 6x9 or the Voigtlander Bessa 6x9 RF . Or perhaps the pinhole 6x6??? To be honest, she is doing me head in with all this. Please, please help my 'friend' out!

Maybe she should take the Olympus XA2 or the OM2n or the Pentax p30n or the Zorki6 or the Houghton Butcher box camera etc etc. Argh!


Ian said...

Throw them all up in the air and see which one you catch. That's the one to take as the others will be broken

Joe V said...

Well, I'm currently shooting a thrift store XA2, so I suggest you try that. Small enough to fit in your 'friend's' bag or pocket.

John said...

... and in The End, the camera you take will be equal to the pictures you make. (With sincere apologies to Paul McCartney's lyric). Your 'friend' should take the Bessa, if a medium format camera is a must. The one you used for this shot seems to work OK with light and shadow.