Friday, May 17, 2013

I take this snap from time to time. It pleases me somewhat.

See, that's Garry beach [ or Traigh Ghearadha if you are that way inclined]  with Eve installed on one of the benches. Twas a lovely evening down there last night with the soft sun warming our backs for a change. I shot the snap [with the Agfa Record 6x9, Foma400] and then sat down beside her. Without a spider.

Today though the sun is shining again, I find myself single-handedly destroying the biosphere - a least a little - as I drove to Stornoway and back. Twice, before 11am. Eh? Once for the shoppe and the second time for the .... shoppe as Mrs Up-Yours had forgotten to write the list completely. Poor dear, her head is in a a right stramash at the moment. Ah well, I have been known to forget things myself. Just the once mind you.


Dorothy Ross MacIver said...

Thank you for the extra run, the link and the chance to look after kitlings :)Be round tomorrow; J has recovered.

Janice said...

Watch this and enjoy??
The Guinea Pigs 'Nellie the Elephant'
on "you tube"
this week, the Guinea Pigs welcome to their hutch special guests Andrea Ingram and Evelyn Dunstan all the way from North Tolsta on the Isle of Lewis, absolutely hilarious, you should join the Back Gaelic Choir along with JA