Saturday, May 04, 2013

Galleries, apple pie and a budding Murdina Pollock

Barbara and Coelyne of the Coeleynes were in fine form as we took mid-morning refreshment at the Oiseval Gallery in Brue. The Toots were away living it up in some hostel on the mainland. No doubt looking out through misted up windows at the rain outside. We, the Coelynes, Eve and I ate fruit and home-made scones and put the world to right - while looking through misted up windows at the rain outside. As we do. Did you notice the difference? My lith print that had been in the gallery sold too - which happied me up somewhat - and I hear it may be reappearing in a rather wonderful restaurant in Stornoway soon. That's three darkroom prints sold in a month! Eh? What's going on?

The Morven Gallery and cafe was our next stop. I booked my slice of lovely apple pie as I walked in so as not to be all miserabled up - like I was on another visit. But I took a tour of gallery before I ate it to look at the new Simon Rivett exhibition - and so good it is too. Colours all over the place. But my favourite artist showing was Gareth Watson, watercolourist. Brilliant, wonderful and what have you. Do check him out.

Then back to Stornoway town to get some Humbrol paint. Eve's new velo needs a slight touch up so to speak and this does the trick - we hope. Here I met the young lady whom I realised was budding Murdina Pollock as we discussed dropping paint onto paper on the floor before driving a tractor over it then a flock of Hebridean Sheeps. Perfect. The council are bound to buy that for their collection of art. I await with baited breath.

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