Monday, May 06, 2013

Me heads in peats

No, we have not been cutting peats this year - what with my old bones, lack of energy, no visitors to do it for us - I could go on...

But others have been cutting and stacking so I can snap them up at will without having to venture too far. .

My little head has been turned by those there peats. And peat roads you understand. I'll show you some of those another day - when my scanner is behaving better.

Ok, here's one now. But don't look too long, I need to print this in the darkroom and everything so I don't want to spoil the surprise. Actually, these are just me practising. Seeing what stuff looks like in a snap and all that. I might just do them again when this and that are better and I'm using a thing to hold the camera in place - whatever you call them.

See, lovely portraits of places eh?

1 comment:

mbt said...

The pics are good, of course, but is there a limit on the amount of peat you can dig? Do you have a designated peat patch? How well does it burn? We leave here, Annapolis tomorrow and hope to be sailing into Stornoway before September.....