Tuesday, May 07, 2013

I have John Mayall caressing my earlobes


When you rummage around behind the Summer Parlour chair, the single one in the corner, not the settee/neg-file, you get to find all sorts of LP's. You know the sort of record thing that that gets scratched and all that. Only, these are not scratched, probably not been played for a while either but now we have a needle thing in our record player do-dah I can hear all sorts of stuff. Stuff being from ages ago when both Eve and I bought such things. I might even dig out Jimi Hendrix or Tom Waits in a moment!

In the meantime, while you search out some John Mayall, here's some more Tolsta peat snaps to look at.


Ian said...

nothing better than chilling out to bare wires - my copy has a mono labelon it but the music still comes out of both speakers. What's all that about?

mbt said...

Tom Waits AND John Mayall! Now yer talkin!