Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Of course I didn't go there! What did you take me for, a tourist? I just said that to throw you off my scent.

I'm surprised the sea hasn't all poured away.

I've been past here this morning though, dodging the rain-drops. And that's a little easier than yesterday when it threw it down all day.

Of course I was tempted by the cake at the wonderful Morven Gallery that I attended with Toots Wilson. Toots was keen to buy the new Ian Lawson Harris Tweed book. It's a huge book so you can use it for insulation or flattening prints when you are up-fed with looking at it. It is lovely mind you, despite it not been made on proper film and everything. And if you go to the site here you can see a vid and all.

Anyway, I had some whisky-cake, Toots had some red cake with beetroot and didn't get the book cause it was all sold. New stock later this week so not all lost. Another opportunity for more cake perhaps? :-0

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Janice said...

The Guinea Pigs 'Nellie the Elephant'
on you tube absolutely hilarious

Le dùrachd mo chridhe