Wednesday, May 15, 2013

We all do it from time to time

A snap of the castle that everyone, and I mean EVERYONE takes snap of. Including me

Yes, yes, apologies.

I was searching through the piles of negs on the settee behind me when I happened upon this one. And before you tell me, yes I have printed it before and yes, EVERYONE has a snap of  Eilean Donan castle. See here ! Ah, but have they got blotches on the print eh? No! Have they got an odd colour in the print eh? No! And have they printed it so dark one cannot see the flippin thing eh? No. See, mine's an original!

Have no idea why the scanner thing reflects itself in the glass. I think perhaps it's above its own station - which is just above [and below] the printers - to my left.

Snapped up with the Hasselblad, 50mm lens, some film or other and printed on Kentmere Fineprint and dunked [unevenly] in sepia.

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