Monday, October 28, 2013

It doesn't deserve a showing but.......

I know, another portrait of a place - a place too that has no soul after so many photos taken there, it's all been sucked out. But just got back from a little trip down the island here - and back in the pouring rain and wind and have not had a chance to dip the exposed film into 'stuff' and make the pictures show themselves so this will have to do.

As per, I met Mr Maher who was ensconced in the fine Butty Bus at Obbe ferry terminal. Twas lovely as usual. We talked over our coffees with Tara looking on and Chris the Maitre d making sure we were well satisfied with this fine venue. [We were. We always are]. Mr Maher along with Mr Paterson has an exhibition coming up in An Lanntair soon. To be honest, I am rather looking forward to it. Look, you can see the 'stuff' about it here. I might even don me best wellies and tramp out for the opening - wine glass in hand and all. That's the sort of tart I am. I am sure Mr Maher will tell you that :-)

And just before that excellent exhibition, at the same venue is the Faclan book thingy. Mr Ronson of Guardian fame is coming and Meadesey too. The latter character creating a right old buzz round the place with his presence. Might even be protests outside! Who knows.

Gosh, this is a wonderful time to be on Lewis and Harris. The weather is not so bad as the rest of GB either!

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James Dyas Davidson said...

So frustrating to be back on the mainland and back at work! Missing all this culture. :-(