Sunday, October 27, 2013

Of course they are brilliant! What do you expect?

Granted it's taken a bit of time. I took these marvellous snaps in Venice earlier this year. It was warm, crowded and OK. Just about. Not so keen on places like this with all the rabble milling about like they own the place, crowding up the squares eating pizza bits and taking pictures of their argued-with ones who have just posed in front of a fountain with their foot jauntily pointed as if they were on a cat-walk or something.

I preferred to lurk in the back alleys pointing my old camera at this and that, then sitting quietly in a nice cafe with my loved one watching the world go by.

Anyway I did finally find the negs - we cleared off the settee to celebrate the visitation of Mr Wilman and there they were. So I shined a light through them onto some Oriental Seagull paper, sloshed the paper in Rollei-Lith developer and there you have them. Rather wrinkled in this scanned state on account that they don't really fit in the scanner thing. You'll just have to part with £25 if you want to see one in person. That's if I was selling. And I'm not!


GB said...

I've been fascinated by the first picture. I can't work out how you achieved it. But that's probably just me being thick (or something!).

Andrea Ingram said...

It's a bit technical Mr GB. :-) Longish exposure and not quite panning accurately. And then a Lith Print.

GB said...

Sounds like a lot technical to me Andrea. I very much like the result though.