Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Some of you might like this; please refer to Grayson Perry

Grayson Perry - Reith Lecture 1. If you can, please listen.

It was a mistake. I'd taken Lizz Cardwell- a pixel-peeping photographiser down to see The Crofter's sheeps - at least some of them anyway. They were down on the common grazings above the beach down that way. Tis nice down there and when I'm not taking snaps of that bench, I might be found looking at this place. I don't usually  take a snap here mind you - as you may know, I don't 'do' landscapes. But I sort of did. Shot at the bright thing in the sky and took a slice of scape in view - along with a woolly-back sheeps.

Sorry and all that.

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James Harr said...

Thanks for linking to the lecture. It raises more questions than it answers, and that is (to me) the sign of a good talk indeed. I'm also enjoying your photograph of the 'scenery' with the fireball and the water and the bits of dirt and sheep in the foreground. Not so much a 'landscape' (as you have said you don't do) as much as a nice photograph that happens to have land in it.